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Unitek LVN Sacramento

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i've been thinking about going to Unitek for LVN then doing the LVN to RN bridge. i know its accredited but i'm afraid when i start to look for a job they will look at where i went to school and not consider me because it is not a CSU or JC. i am currently at CSUS but as everyone knows the lottery is insane! and according to the pass rates it seems to be doing well.

has anyone had a difficult time finding a job after graduation? what are the pre-reqs for the LVN program? do you fell like you learned a lot? would you say it is worth the $30,000?

any opinions would be wonderful.

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I wouldn't go for Unitek because of the bad reviews here.. I heard NCP in S. SF is pretty good. I am looking for a private school for my LVN too.

Good luck!

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