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Unitek College- BSN AP 2022 Bakersfield


Hi my name is Bernaflor (Call me Bee for short) :0

Just wanted to reach out to the applicants that have been accepted into the BSN AP Class of 2022! at Unitek College- in Bakersfield.

Halleigh and I have made a group on facebook and is waiting to meet all our classmates.

Don't be shy and join in: Search "BSN AP CLASS 2022-UNITEK COLLEGE BAKERSFIELD"

Can't wait to meet you all!.

Hi there!

I was accepted to the program but had to push back my start date. How do you like the program so far? Thank you!


Has 1 years experience.

Hello my name is Maria. My application is being evaluated this week for the BSN program. I hope I get in. I finished all my prerequisites but one. How do you like Unitek so far?