United health telephonic CM


Does anyone here work for United Health? I interviewed for a job with them today and it sounds intriguing. 1130-8 and you work off a task list? 100% home based of course. I'm wondering if this is the type of job that you never really complete the daily tasks? Or if it's kinda fluid and I can work through my lists etc...and finish it and be done regardless of it took 4 hours or 12.

I currently work from home doing telephone triage taking inbound calls so this is something I'm tethered to the phone allllll day and can't step away except for designated breaks etc...

Has 25 years experience.

Your task list is most likely loaded into a dialer, if so, you will be tethered to the phone all day with designated breaks etc.

I'm a manager with one of the big insurance companies, and that's how things are done...those departments that aren't using workforce management to manage schedules yet are generally planning to move in that direction.