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undergarment selection

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This is a serious discussion regarding the selection of women's undergarments. I need some supportive underwear that isn't constrictive and doesn't make me sweat more than I already do! Not, not, not something sexy - I'm talking performance wear. Please only give me serious answers.....thanks


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Hey there. I wear something similar to these. "Sports Briefs" is the way to go for what you're describing. Hope this helps. I can totally relate so I had to jump on this! Lol

Anita Active Sports Brief Workout Underwear 1627

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sport briefs also

18 hour bras by Playtex have kept me supported since Nursing school. Wait for a sale at Kohls then stock up!

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Sports bras and TomboyX underwear. Women shaped boxer briefs. They stay where they are supposed to, and move with you.