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My name is sue. I am an RN in a med/surg field for the past 3 years. i am also a FNP student due to graduate in May 2010. I have been hoping to join the military since i was 13. I have recruiter meetings lined up for the upcoming week with the Air force and Army. I have researched many forums and asked many people about what the pros/cons, differences, personal benefits, etc.. for the two branches but the people i have asked are not nurses.

Long story short, i would like a nurse's point of view on whether the air force or army would be better. I know ultimatly it will be my choice, but any opinions or facts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hello SHH and welcome to All Nurses.

I can not stress the importance of making sure your appointments are with Health Care Recruiters!

There is a ton of information on this forum.

I can only speak on the Army side of the house, and I really didn't check out any other Service, but for me the Army is a perfect fit. I am practicing nursing the way I always envisioned it should be [and yes I have worked as a civilian RN]

Check out : http://armynursecorps.amedd.army.mil/



If you have specific questions, myself or others who frequent this forum would be happy to try to answer them

Hey what NP program are you in? Continued success in that academic path :up:




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Thank you athena for the response!

I am currently studying at umass Boston. I am currently leaning toward the army as well, but i wanted to give teh air force a chance since i have heard good things about that branch as well. Luxuries are not that important to me, so that will not be a selling point. I will have to keep in touch after my meetings. Both recruiters are working in the health care end, that i made sure of =)

thanks again.



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Hey Athena55,

Looked at Marlow White and noted uniform changes for the Army. What's the difference between the Female officer and Female General officer? The uniforms are slightly different. Is it ranking?

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Yes it is the ranking.

General Officer is General on up



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when i was enlisted (army) i had the opportunity to work with all services. yes there are pro's/con's to each, but my pro's might be your con's. when i wanted to come back in as a nurse i knew there was no choice to make bc for me it's army all the way. the recruiters (health care recruiters) for nursing are usually nurses (army side) and they are very honest about being an army nurse. good luck in your decision.

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