UNCC Nursing School


There was no thread or topic for anyone that just applied for UNCC's nursing school for the fall of 2017. I wanted to start one so that we may a have a open space to express concerns, excitement, and anxiousness ! Lets talk! :)


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How did it go?!? I am applying for the Spring, and I would really like to know what kind of applicants they are accepting. I keep hearing that it is hard to get into the upper division, which is what I am applying for!


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I didn't get in. It seems as if it is extremely hard. I'm reapplying for the spring. I haven't heard back from them on why I didn't get in yet but when I do I'll let you know.Goodluck & who knows maybe see you in the spring :)


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What is everyone's gpa? My pre req gpa is 3.78. I'm very anxious about getting in for Spring. I'm unsure of what I'm going to do next semester if I don't get in. Do y'all have back up plans?