UNC vs Duke Neuro ICU

by rubyagnes rubyagnes, BSN Member Nurse

Specializes in Neurosurgical ICU, Emergency, Psych, Art Therapy. Has 7 years experience.

I've posted a lot lately, but I have two upcoming interviews with UNC and Duke Neuro ICU's. I was hoping to get some feedback about these units. Either the overall hospital or the Neuro ICU specifically. I'm hoping to move from Baltimore City to the Triangle area in the fall, but with current stay-at-home orders I don't know if I'll be able to visit the area prior to accepting a position (which is making me very nervous)

From what I can tell both facilities have similar benefits, pay rates, relocation assistance, and student loan repayment benefits. UNC has state insurance and a pension, whereas Duke is private. Duke has a great reputation and offers to help pay a majority of the tuition if I wanted to get my MSN or DNP, which I likely would do if the cost was covered. Any other insight would be very much appreciated. Replies or direct messages would be super helpful. Thank you so much in advance!