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UNC Chapel Hill First Degree BSN Admissions


Hello All,

Does anyone know what the average gpa is for students accepted into UNC's school of nursing (first degree bsn)? Also, any advice on how to make myself a more competitive applicant?

Thanks! -NR

On average, students accepted into the program have at least a 3.3-3.4 CUM. Your best bet is to attend one of the informational sessions that are offered on a regular basis at the campus. Even if you don't live in-state, it would be worth your while to try and attend one if you really have your heart set on Carolina. They're standards are quite high and, since there have been budget cuts, they are down to one admit a year which is every May for the BSN program. They only accept 96 students out of over 500 applicants. They're not #4 in the country for nothing...

If you go to the School of Nursing website for UNC-Chapel Hill, you will find all the information you need to register for an informational sessions.

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