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UMass Boston Accelerated BSN Summer 2017


Hi Everyone!

Was wondering if anyone applied for the ABSN spring 2017 cohort at UMass Boston. It would be great to hear from other people about your pre requisites and experience. Hope to hear from you!

Phew. I just applied too. Been in heathcare for almost 7 years as a dietitian, 3.8 GPA, 81.3 teas, had to retake my pre-reqs because they were over 10 years old, so I took them at MassBay. Am 31 and the idea of going back to school is pretty nerve wracking especially after doing 5 for bachelors in nutrition & a full year internship. What about you kcaroll301?

Wow your resume is great! I've been working at children's hospital in Boston for 4.5 years as a nursing assistant I graduated from umass Amherst with a degree in kinesiology and have been at be hospital ever since. My teas were 79. I considered retaking them but was told that they won't make or break us so I decided against spending the extra $100 to retake it. My gpa is a 3.6 as well. I'm currently enrolled for MGHs ABSN program to start in January. But was hoping if here from UMB whether or not id get in because MgH is so expensive. Fingers crossed!

Hi All,

Best of luck to everyone who's applying! I know the program is so competitive, but I also know that they want students who have a variety of experiences and backgrounds. I'm new to healthcare, currently volunteering with hospice and working as a counselor in a mental health community home. Formerly worked in sales, journalism, and childcare.

My undergrad degree is in journalism with a 3.8 GPA, 3.8 GPA in prerequisites (all online in the last year), and an 89 TEAS. I'm 25 years old.

Do you guys know when the program starts? I thought it started every August, but people keep saying spring...

Good luck, everyone! :)

Good luck mightyliz! When I went to the information session last year it was May/June start.

Hey Hey!! I was looking for some sort of discussion thread regarding this topic!! I applied for the ABSN Summer 2017 and cannot wait to hear back. The wait is the hardest part. Has anyone else applied anywhere else and/or heard back yet from other programs?? I applied to UMB and MGH and just heard back from MGH this past week that I am in, but I am still holding out to hear back from UMB!! I am currently a RRT (registered respiratory therapist), I've been in the Air National Guard for over 9 years, and GPA was a 4.0 from my previous bachelors which was in Respiratory Care. I didn't do that great on my TEAS but I was sick when I took them so I'm hoping that doesn't put me at a disadvantage. Not sure how to figure out my GPA for my pre-reqs. Fingers crossed we all get in!

I also applied to MgH. I'm actually due to start on January 17 th at MgH but really wanted UMB. Hopefully I'll here by then. Did you get in for spring or summer at MgH?

I got into MGH's Summer 2017

Does your application say complete?

Yeah. From looking at last years allnurses post people heard back after christmas/first week of January. It goes to complete that your application is complete and then to whatever is next - accepted, waitlisted etc.

Yeah you're right that's what it looked like on other posts from previous years. Least we won't have to wait too much longer- not that it's really been that long. I submitted early so it just feels longer.