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UM 2 RN Voice Interview today.

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So I did the interview today as they sent me another email reminding me to do it.

There were 11 questions

1. Your name and describe how your skills match.

2. Have you ever worked for Humana before? (No)

3. Do you have an unrestricted RN license and in what state? (active unrestricted NY)

4. What year did you become an RN and levels os degrees.

5. describe your current job (I described my current CM position)

6. Why leaving/looking (I'm looking for a challenging role and beneficial experience for me and to improve my career development and I would make a a difference in peoples lives. That Humana wants to grow and teach, as do I)

7. Tell me how many years acute care experience, med sure.

8. Tell me your UM experience ( used words from the job description)

9. Do you have InterQel or Milliman guideline experience (Yes Milliman)

10. Microsoft Office (beginner, intermediate advanced), basic sread sheets, entering data, Outlook, IM, Navigating screen to screen (advanced)

11. Money (I'm open and flexible)

Look 15 minutes

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No questions, just passing on info to anyone going to have voice interview.

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