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Ultrasound midwife

by alialiali alialiali (New) New

Hello! I'm a Spanish midwife and I was wondering if midwives in UK do obstetric ultrasound during the pregnancy...I know there are midwives who do ultrasounds in France...but in UK?

What about Australia?

Thankss!! :)

LibraSunCNM, MSN

Specializes in OB. Has 10 years experience.

This is an American website so I'm not sure how much traffic we get from foreign midwives. Perhaps try the international fora of Midwifery Today?

If we're already talking about this, how does ultrasound work with CNM's here in the U.S.? Is there a certificate that is required or is it within the CNM's scope of practice?

LibraSunCNM, MSN

Specializes in OB. Has 10 years experience.

Ultrasound is within a midwife's scope of practice. There are ultrasound certifications available, but I know midwives who were trained on the job and then credentialed by their institution when they had done x number of sonos under the supervision of someone else already trained.

cayenne06, MSN, CNM

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I do first trimester dating ultrasounds, and know midwives who are trained to do AFI, BPPs, position checks etc at term.