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Uk trained RGN, lisenced in USA, looking for RN to BSN program

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by kheynurse kheynurse (New Member) New Member

kheynurse has 18 years experience and works as a ED.

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I trained originally in the UK gaining the RGN in 1991. Licensed and practicing in the USA for almost 5 years now. I am looking for an RN to BSN program that will recognise my british qualifications and diplomas. Does anyone have any ideas where I can look?

I have heard about the university of Dundees program but understand that I would come out with a Bachelors of nursing or BN, rather then the Bachelors of science in nursing, BSN. Is that correct, if so would that cause me any problems with trying to move into nursing management here in the US?

Is there anyone out there that has done this program recently and is now practicing in the US within a "BSN" type roll?

Thanks in advance!!:nurse:

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ann h works as a rn cardiac cath lab.

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This would really help me to know the answer to this aswell.

I have worked here 3 years just done my cardiac vascular certification with the ANCC which has put me up the clinical ladder BSN is the only way to go to the next level

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