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UK Nurse Seeking Advice / Info in working in Dubai / Abu Dhabi?

SophUK SophUK (New) New

Specializes in Acute Medicine / MRSA. Has 6 years experience.

Hello all,

I am assuming this topic may have been covered before, however i was hoping if someone could shed some of their valuable time to advise me on the current nursing job market in dubai. I am considering to relocate to either Abu Dhabi or Dubai with my husband and 2 children in the near future and would like to pursue my nursing career there too. I currently have 6 years of Nursing experience in UK Adult Nursing. I have worked in different medical wards from MRSA Infection ward to Acute Medical ward.

I would really appreciate if anyone could give any advice or information on the working shift patterns, wages, career developments, benefits, recommended hospitals etc..

Many thanks:)

Hello sophuk, Did you ever get a job in Dubai