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UK: 'Nice' nurses to get free chocolate biscuits

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This is so offensive! I am not a puppy and do not need a treat for being a good girl! Just a little respect, please!

If I was one of these UK nurses, you know where I would tell them to put their biscuits!!!!

:rotfl: The image of a puppy getting a treat for being a "good girl" came to mind for me too! It is rather patronizing... I can't say I blame you for wanting to tell them to take their biscuits and make them suppositories...

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It's amazing how sooooo much is expected of us yet we are treated with such little respect. I personally feel such suggestions insults our intelligence. An overworked, undervalued, unappreciated worker in any field may refuse to smile even if the very air she breathes is laughing gas.

We need to start paying attention to the underlying causes of problems in the healthcare system & attack it rather than giving it some shoddy palliative treatment that won't even work in this case.

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'nice' nurses to get free chocolate biscuits

the sunday times - uk

... two years ago a resolution at the annual congress of the royal college of nursing proposed that nurses were now "too clever to care" and suggested that the ...


okay, let me get this straight...

the powers that be look at their brilliant customer service surveys

(:barf01: )

and determine that the patients are unhappy because they don't feel the nurses are spending adequate time with them.


so their equally brilliant idea is to reward the nurses who smile more :nurse: and 'chat' with their pts/families more often with a thank you note and a drawing for a cookie?


okay #1...how generous:hatparty: ...i mean really...i have the chance to possibly win a cookie? there's an incentive for you:rolleyes:

#2 if these people were so brilliant, maybe they would realize that the nurses time is being taken up with 'administrative and technical' tasks (i.e. paperwork and charting) that has been placed on their shoulders by the administration and facility (i.e. the powers that be)

wow, am i a rocket scientist or what?:specs:

funny how corporate policy never takes the blame for anything, but the nurse is always to blame:chair:

just brilliant!:idea:

eta: 'too posh to wash'? if that was the general complaint, shame on the article for not making a bigger deal about it. if patients are not being bathed and cleaned up after incontinent episodes, etc. as implied by their catchy little tag line...why was there not more information about that in the article? here in the u.s., 20/20 or dateline would have been all over such a scandal. and if in fact the problem lies with the nurses being 'too posh to wash' then why isn't the cookie being given for consistent pt hygeine instead of 'chatting' up the pt and relatives...hmmmm


i hardly think that smiling more and cookies will change a 'too posh to wash' mentality.

do they really think we are this stupid, or that the public is stupid enough to believe this bullmullarky

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