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Uk mental health nurse wanting to move to Oz!

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So, I'm aware that this may seem slightly controversial but leave the trolling aside and hear me out.

I'm qualifying soon, and have been thankful for my training in mental health nursing BUT I'm very interested in possibly going over to Oz. I have no family and no ties over here and lots of people keep recommending it.

Does anyone have any advice? Or an Oz MH nurse that could give me some insight into how nursing is over there ^_^

I look forward to your replies!

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Hopefully you are going to gain some experience before you move. I think, but you will have to check APHRA website out, that experience is required

AHPRA requires experience.

Also I'm not sure where AHPRA stands on UK nurses who are only trained in mental health.

In Aus we have just one bachelor degree to qualify as an RN, it's not like UK where you have one degree for adult, one for children and one for mental health.

I would first of all check if APHRA will recognise your registration with a stand alone mental health qualification. You will need experience and it may take a while.