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UIC or North Park?

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Hello everyone :) okay so i have some questions....so i want to be a nurse but i was wondering is it easier to get into UIC or North park university? which has a better programm? and there anyother good programms out there? and i was wondering if you can please share any past experiences as well, sorry im new to this lol

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hi, so i dont know much about north park's program but here are some stats about uic. the nursing program is ranked 3rd in the country. the avg gpa for the fall 2009 class was a 3.8. they accept about 80 students (800 applied for the 2009 class!). when applying they consider gpa+essay+work or volunteer experience in a hospital/medical setting+2 letters of recommendations. there are a lot of pre requisite classes but you can take them at any college.

hope this helps:nurse:

p.s. Loyola has a nursing program too.

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