Has anyone applied to the UCSF MSN program for 2016? I applied for the FNP Program. I'm really hoping I get accepted!!


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Has anyone heard anything yet for FNP?


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Hi, I was notified that I got into the Adult-Gerontology NP track! I'm so excited and happy! Hope to meet everyone soon! I hope to continue working part time or per diem but not sure if it is doable. I would love to hear where everyone is coming from and their experience thus far.


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I applied to the post-master's FNP track and was notified yesterday that I've been invited for an interview.

Ayu4- Congrats on your acceptance! Did you interview and if so can you share how it was?


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Thanks Sed09 - I don't think the agnp track held interviews. Reading past threads, I think only certain tracks did interviews. Good luck on yours, let us know how it went!


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Anyone apply for the PMHNP MSN track? I finally submitted my application last week, so now I'm just waiting around to hear if I got in!