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UCF BSN Fall 2017 Hopefuls :)

by Kirbieirene Kirbieirene (New) New

Hey guys!! So I thought I would start a thread for UCF BSN applicants for the fall since the window opens in a little less than two months now!! Ahh!! Who's excited/nervous??

Lanntis, BSN

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I am applying for both Summer 2017 2nd degree program at UCF and the traditional one in the fall if I don't get accepted. Yes, I'm quite nervous about ...everything! I just took the TEAS 6 and it wasn't my favorite thing in the world, but I passed and made above UCF's required 78 score. Finished my last pre-req this month (Microbio) and got a 4.0 in my sciences. My undergrad is sadly only 3.56 :unsure: from my first Bachelor's 8 years ago.

I can't find any threads about other people applying for 2017. Where are you guys at?! Is it a slow year? Let's stress together!


I'm also applying to UCF's Nursing School for their Fall admissions. I've been searching through the threads for 2017 applicants too but I haven't found very many. The application opens tomorrow!

Good Luck! :up: