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UCF ASN to BSC ssc or vcc?


Hi everyone!

Okay, so I'm in a bit of a mess right now...

I have almost all of my courses/pre-reqs completed right now. I'm currently taking A&PII at Valencia, and MCB2004C at UCF. I didn't do too well this semester, and it looks like I'm on track to get a D in Microbio. I was originally planning on applying for the concurrent ASN to BSN program for the fall at VCC, but since I will have to retake Microbio this summer, I won't be able to do that.

I'm thinking that I will apply for Grade Forgiveness to retake Microbio this summer, and take the Fall semester off, since the deadline to apply for the fall ASN to BSN program is in May. I plan to either do the SSC or VCC concurrent programs starting in the spring.

What is the difference between the two concurrent programs? I know that SSC is one semester shorter. Is one better than the other? Is one easier than the other? What kind of degree would I graduate with? Does graduating from the Traditional BSN program look better?

Thanks everyone!