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UC Health Denver Hospital Pros and Cons? KU Hospital Pros and Cons?

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I'm trying to decide between these two hospitals and wanted any feedback as to if anyone has worked at either of these hospitals and they're experience, or just advice. I am a new grad nurse;

-I accepted cardiothoracic progressive care at KU and would be doing the residency there and would be on nights

-I interviewed for Med/Surg Progressive Care at UC Health in Denver which I didn't realize will be a residency with 2 year contract specific to the UNIT, so even if I tried to go to a different unit in the same hospital, I could pay up to $7500 (contingent) and it would be rotating days/nights shifts.

My main goal is to end up in cardiac progressive/ICU and most of all get my 1 year of experience to get my shoe in the door to move to California.


ANYWAY, what has been your experience with either of these hospitals? advice? Which is a better choice? Anything at all would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks

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