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UAB Fall 2015 NP


Is anyone applying for Fall 2015 NP admission at UAB? I can't seem to find a thread on it and the deadline is very soon! I am applying for the adult-gero NP program.

Hey! I did apply there and one other school. I have, of course, not heard from either.

Hey! I applied for the FNP program for Fall 2015 with the PNP being my second choice! Waiting anxiously!

Awesome! They said we'd hear within 30 days but based on previous posts here it sounds like it's closer to 60 days. I have no idea when the committee is meeting to look over the applications. Fingers crossed!

I emailed them and they said we will receive an answer via US mail beginning of May, that's a long time from now!!!

Sheesh! Thanks for letting us know! Better to know now and not be sitting on pins and needles, eh? It's gonna be a long wait :)

Did everyone get the statistics email?

Hey everyone! I applied for the FNP program for Fall 2015 and I'm anxiously waiting to hear something! I did recieve the statistics email as well.

Me too! Even though they said May, I'm still obsessively checking my email and trying to login to blazernet.

I got the email as well. I have taken a stats course that satisfies the requirement so I think I'm good. An interesting note- as of today my Blazernet account shows a hold that says 'needs medical clearance'. I wonder if it means anything!

I called to see if they had recieved all my transcripts. I had been calling the graduate office but this call I was told, I was "in the nursing program" and would have to be transferred. Once transferred I was told all they needed was my BSN before classes started in August. So I'm not sure what that means- probably just a checklist if things to be considered.

Ive no idea what that means and have not checked Blazernet today- but thought I would update.

Sounds encouraging for sure but it's hard to get excited before you have something more concrete to go on. It seems like they're getting started much quicker with this process than we anticipated.

I am not believing anything until it is in my hands :).

I have applied to one other school and am waiting rather impatiently for that result as well.

Hey, if not now- next time. I know it will happen eventually. :) God's time is not my time. So I am just trying to chill :).

I also applied to UAB (FNP program, AGNP as 2nd choice), and have been obsessively checking email, applyyourself, and my mailbox! Thank you, Dynamitee for clarifying the actual timeline. I was starting to get paranoid since it's been more than 30 days! Should I have a "blazer net" account? I don't remember seeing that in any of the application materials(?)

It's not required or anything. However, you are able to create an account using your social security, and that's how they will link you to that account if you are to be accepted. You won't be able to log in if not accepted, it would say login failed. It seems like in the past some people who were accepted into the programs were able to suddenly login to their accounts a week before receiving the acceptance letters.

Hi! I also applied to the Family NP (first choice) and Acute Care NP (second choice) for UAB this fall. I have also not received anything in the mail! I've been a student at UAB before, so I already have a blazer account. Did any of y'all get the email about student health insurance verification? It also put a hold on my student account. Just wondering if anybody else got this!

I tried to create a blazernet account but so far it says I just have limited access to things like MYUAB. Still will not let me log on t oblazernet. I received the email about the statistics course but have not recieved one about health insurance.