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UAB AGNP -- Yes or No?

I'm actually looking for more advice than anything else. I got accepted to UAB's AGNP Primary Care program. I am excited and honored but at the same time it wasn't my first choice. From my understanding, the only clinics I can work in are (duh!) primary care clinics, urgent cares, and some family clinics, with the exception that I only see those 14 years of ago or older. This concerns me for a number of reasons. I'm a little concerned that I won't be able to get a job when I do get out because I live in the state of Alabama and NPs still have quite a lot of restriction.

I was hoping to see if there are any other people who have completed a program that is specifically for AGNP Primary Care in or around the state of Alabama that found a position after they graduated. Once again, I know I am very lucky to have been accepted. I have the option to reapply with a new essay at the end of the semester to the Acute track, which was my first choice but I feel that I need a little guidance/input on the subject. I am pretty much the lone wolf amongst my friends that is pursuing this degree so I have no one else to throw around ideas with. Thanks for your input!


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