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U world assessment

by Nurse Nacho Nurse Nacho (New) New

Hello everyone. Was wondering if someone could help me out. Took my Uworld assessment and got a 60% and high chance of passing but I was only put in the the 49 percentile. I've seen people with lower scores with higher percentiles. Was just wondering if anyone else understood. High chance of passing and only in the 49th percentile through me off. Average percent for the test was 56%. IDK if that helps break it down. Thanks 🙂

Don't pay too much attention to percentage & percentiles tbh. I got a low chance of passing according to my ATI and UWORLD assessment (took 2) & I passed on my first try with 75 questions. Just practicing questions in general is a great way to prepare for the NCLEX.

Thanks for responding. I was just curious because I thought I would of gotten a more detailed break down based off the price. I was just looking for some kind an explanation. Thanks🙂

Don't want to mislead anyone reading this. Uworld is a lil on the pricey side but I've learned a lot and they have been really great extending times and working with people through covid. Thanks🙂