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U of T BScN cGPA + prereqs

esruns esruns (New) New Student


I plan on applying to the BScN program at U of T. I have 2 questions:

1) Based on my understanding after reading these forums, applicants choose which prerequisite courses they want the school to consider. If I've taken multiple courses that fulfil a specific requirement, are some courses considered more relevant/important than others? For example, I've taken immunology, biology, Chemistry and anatomy courses. In most of these courses I have 70+ but I have some sad 60s in my Chemistry courses. Would it be beneficial for me to retake these Chemistry courses even though I would mark my other courses as life/physical sciences prerequisites?

2) On the school's website, there is no mention of cGPA but I'm doubting that they don't not consider cGPA. My cGPA is 2.9 (yikes, I know) but my GPA is 3.8 based on my last year. Have you heard of any low cGPA students receiving offers from U of T?

tl;Dr: related to BScN at U of T --> how do you choose which prerequisites to provide when you've taken multiple courses that are considered prerequisites? and do they accept students with a cGPA <3.0?