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U.S. Army Reserves


HI, I have a few questions about the Army Reserves. First off, I am an ADN, Perioperative Nurse with 3 years experience. Previously I was a surgical technologist 6 years experience. I am currently working on my BSN and getting ready to sit for the CNOR exam. I have NO military experience at all, what so ever! So please be patient with my ignorance.

I got an ad in the mail that caught my eye, it says I can join the U.S. Army Reserves, Army Nurse Corps as a commissioned officer. Serve locally, just 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks in the summer. No Basic Training for Nurses. I REALLY WANT to Do This, I have always thought about jointing the military!!!! Given that I have NO clue about Army Reserves or Nurse Corps, can anybody here teach me a little about what I would be getting myself into.


Has 3 years experience.

If you have a BSN you can direct commission (no basic). Contact the recruiter that sent the flyer and they will be able to give you the straight scoop.

Get your BSN, OR nurses are needed the last time I checked, then apply.