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When doing quarterly assessment, patient is noted with improvement in Section G, and patient gained weight of 5% or more in the last month- on physician-prescribed weight gain regimen. Should I continue with quarterly assessment or change it to significant changes assessment?

Also patient was on ST for a few days d/t dysphagia during 7 day look back.

Would it make sense that while patient is gaining weight, she was being picked up by ST in assessment if I do significant changes?


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The guideline suggests 2 or more areas of ADL improvement warrants a SCSA. If you have 2, then yes.

The weight gain is an expected outcome with which the resident made steady progress under the current course of care (physician-prescribed weight gain) so I will exclude it in the guideline for SCSA improvement.

The ST becomes relevant to the SCSA if an actual problem is identified and a change is recommended, otherwise it simply was precautionary.