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Two potential jobs; what to do?

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I recently interviewed at a dialysis center and a hospital. The hospital position is the exact floor, position I have wanted for over a year and the dialysis unit is a great professional and financial opportunity for our family (I'm a new grad) but I am not certain I am ready for specializing yet. The dialysis center has told me they would like to make me an offer and the begin date would be the 17th (about a month away), however, I have not yet heard about what kind of pay I would be receiving. The hospital job I still need to do a peer interview but seems all but a solid thing considering it is the unit I did my preceptorship on. I have heard the whole hiring process at the hospital can take 4 weeks and at this time I am 1.5 weeks in.

I really hate that if offered the hospital position I would have to contact the dialysis center and say that I have another offer. I think by the time the hospital actually offered I would not have started training at the dialysis center yet but they would have done most of the leg work to get me going on the 17th.

I haven't told them about this other possibility because really it is not a job until they give me an offer so I may not get to work in the hospital but then I have the dialysis center as a back up. I am feeling a little uneasy about this as this is my first attempt at a profession. I know I would have to call and tell the dialysis center manager that after all his leg work I would accept the other offer such it came up.

Please tell me I am okay in approaching this situation? I have no contract or really no offer as to salary either, though I have a general idea. He is doing all the leg work without knowing that I am still pursuing the opportunity of the hospital position.

I am sorry that you are in this position, but this is what can happen when a person applies to more than one job at the same time. Many people will accept the first job offered, and then, if offered another job, will make that decision at that time. It is not optimal, but it is better than passing up the job offer only to find out that the second, or third, employer makes no offer at all. Employers all know this.