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Two Casual Positions with AHS

by Lfaye Lfaye (New) New Nurse

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has ever run into trouble as an RN working two casual jobs with AHS? I accepted a job a few days ago for COVID relief but was then offered a job on my dream unit today. I’m hoping I can work both because both units have expressed very little shift availability.

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It’s not an issue as long as you don’t double book.


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You’ll eventually be allowed to only work at one site. You’ll have to drop one of them.

I currently work casual at 2 different AHS hospitals, and 3 different types of units. I am allowed to work at all places at this time, as none of my units are accepting COVID patients. If that does change, then I cannot work on one of those units. There is no conflict with working at multiple places, you just cant work on different units on the same day.

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