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Turning a patient with a hip fracture.

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Hi all! Where I work, we rarely ever get hip fractures. When repositioning a patient in bed, I was wondering which side are you supposed to turn a patient with a right hip fracture? And the rationale behind it? Are you supposed to place a pillow under their affected leg when they are lying flat in bed?

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Give pain med fiirst if possible. Turn towards the fractured side. The bed will provide support. Two pillows between the knees to abduct (spread open the legs). SUfficient pillows to support head, back and legs while turned just about3-4 ". Give a back rub as you assess the skin.

I wouldn't put a pillow unless the doctor orders. In my area a sponge, buck's extension boot to about 5 lb straight traction will provide a good deal of comfort to keep the patient still.

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