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Tuition Reimbursement!


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I just found out that I get tuition reimbursement!! I get 80% up $3000 a year! I was wondering how I was going to pay for the CPNE now my prayers are answered!! Yay! Now to keep on studying HDLS2!


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i just found out that i get tuition reimbursement!! i get 80% up $3000 a year! i was wondering how i was going to pay for the cpne now my prayers are answered!! yay! now to keep on studying hdls2!


i also got tuition reimbursement from my job. they paid for all the exams and the cpne.

good luck with the rest of your exams.


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Congrats!!! My job offers tuition reimbursment & a yearly scholarship:yeah: Bad thing is I have to commit to work for them for 2 years after graduation:eek: but it may be worth the sacrifice:nurse:

Believe me, any financial help you can get will be worth it in the long run.