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Tuesday 24th is the BIG DAY for my second attempt at the Nclex RN


Took 4wks to review content and practice questions. In reviewing content I am really going after Pathophysiology to be able to understand the material better. I remember my Nur 2 prof saying we must know the Patho to understand the questions in the land of nclex. ....This week am just doing questions and reading rationales. I may also add I drink alot of coffe....gave it up and am so much less anxious. Those who pray say one for me. Working hard lets hope it pays off.

You'll do great. I took my NCLEX March 16 with 265 questions and found out the day after that I passed. Just remember to stay calm and take it slow. I wonder if you have Kaplan? I think Kaplan answers are similar to the NCLEX.