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TSU/VolState OR Motlow!? Help!

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In your opinion, which is better for my situation?

  1. 1. In your opinion, which is better for my situation?

    • TSU/VolState
    • Motlow

So, I have been accepted to both of the nursing programs I applied to. TSU on VolState campus and Motlows Smyrna program. Here is my dilemma...



95% pass rate.

Closer to me.

On a campus I'm used to.

Clinicals will be closer.


Staff and faculty I have spoken with seem off.

Professors, on rate my professor, have very VERY low ratings.

All I ever hear about this school is negative,

They give you no time to prepare yourself since orientation isn't until right before the first semester.

Higher tuition than the other school.

I hear you basically have to teach yourself.



100% pass rate.

Everyone I've spoken to has been friendly and helpful.

Lower tuition than other school.

Professors have high ratings.

Orientation is in 12 days = lots of time to prepare.


A lot of distance driving for some clinicals and classes. (Which will make things a lot harder with my kids, husband, and myself)


I need to make my decision very soon, but this is really hard!? What if I choose wrong...

I'm scared to choose Motlow because I'm afraid I won't be able to handle the commute that comes with some of it, and it will burn me out, exhaust me and cause me to do poorly. Ruining my degree...

I'm scared to choose TSU/VolState because what if they really are horrible and it ruins my chance of getting my degree...

I just really need to hear from people who have been to either school... good or bad.. I need to hear it.


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