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Trying to get new graduate application approved by GBON!!!


Are any other new graduates concerned about the length of time the GBON is taking to approve applications??? I have other nursing school friends who moved to other states after graduation and they were approved and received an ATT number in less than 2 weeks!! My application was submitted the middle of December and I have yet to hear anything from these people. It is just ridiculous!!!

Considering that you submitted middle of December, the GBON has been closed for holidays, and possibly working short staffed because of that. Plus this is the time of the year they had to send out a lot of RN renewels due in January, 2009. Be patient it's only been what 4 weeks?

I just submitted my application yesterday. I read on the website and talked via phone to the licensing board that it takes 20-30 days for processing. I was hoping that it might go a bit more quickly, but now I am feeling even more disheartened having read your situation. I just moved from Texas and it took a while to get my paperwork in order. Like you, all my classmates have their dates or have already taken the exam.

I hope you hear from them soon! Good Luck!

At least I'm not the only one lol!. Anyway, I have a Texas LVN lic. that I submitted first week of Jan. Last week got e-mail saying they received it but it had to go to review because I got busted for drinking underage. ( 20 years ago! ) Dont know how long it will take but at least the balls rolling. Hang in there. I'm working as a medic while I wait. What are you doing for work?. Maybe you could get a position as a nurse graduate while you wait. Goodluck.

Hey I know you posted this a long time ago but I have been searching the board for information on how the GBON handles applicants with underaged drinking charges because I got one six months before I applied for my license.

I got my ATT at the same time as everyone else and passed my NCLEX in June but am still waiting to hear if they are going to approve my license.

I have called nurorous times and they always tell me that they can't give me an estimated amount of time it will take.

I have a job offer but have not idea when I might get my license, how long did it take for you?

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