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Trying to figure out which school to choose?

by sumbee30 sumbee30 (New) New

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Hi all, I've been recking my brain, trying to choose which nursing program in Ohio to go to. Can someone give me any info about these schools that i'll list? Athena Career Academy, Central School of Practical Nursing, Brown Mackie-Findlay, PSI, and Owens community college. I want to compare each program by cost, lenght of program, what kind of entrance test or prereq's, accrediation, quality of program and teachers, and wait list. I live in MI and like many of you, I am tired of the wait list and prereq's, I want to get in get the training I need to become a great nurse. I would love to hear the pro's and con's from current students and former students. Everybodys info is greatly appreciated.