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Truman College Schedules

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to see if anyone is attending Truman and what the evening schedule looks like along with the clinical. I need to keep my job which is super laid back, so i would have plenty of time to study. However, I can not quit. If you can please let me know or if for those that were accepted able to send me the FAQ they tend to send students would be great

Class of 2013. I worked full time up until the last semester, which would have been impossible. I had lectures at night Monday and Wednesday, and clinicals all day Saturday. They're several blocks of schedules and clinical combinations, which you'll pick based on a lottery. I was VERY lucky to get blocks with a Saturday and Sunday clinicals. I did have to take a lot of days off work for random special lectures, hospital orientations and skills sessions though and I remember burning through a to of vacation days at my office.