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Trouble getting a job: Mercy Medical Center

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Hi, I am a resident of the St. Louis, MO area. I am a newly graduated nurse and have been applying to jobs, but having little success. A majority of the applications/resumes I have sent have been to Mercy Medical center (St. Johns). I am a rookie when it comes to job hunting, so any advice would be appreciated!! :)

A few questions of mine:

1. How would you go about personally presenting yourself to the floor and asking to apply instead of doing the whole process online? Is it appropriate?

2. How do you find nurse recruiters to speak with and inquire about positions?

3. Is calling the specific floor and asking for the floor manager name and email okay to do?

I am also a first job hunter. I am looking at hospital websites and they usually list the contact of the recruiters. If they do not call the human resources and they will usually give you the recruiter's contact.

I have looked on the website, but failed to find any information about recruiters. I will try HR though! Thanks!