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Trouble Getting Approved for TX NCLEX!!

Is anyone else having trouble getting approved through the state of TX to take NCLEX? I had all my information turned in on May 4th. I kept calling the TX BON to have them approved my fingerprints. I found out last week that apparently IDENTIGO never sent my fingerprints. Not sure how I finally got the one person on the phone that could figure this out. So they told me wait 10 days. Then I find out Monday they can't update my information because they were updating their software for the fingerprints and the website was locked. Then I find out this morning that their whole system was down through June 4th through the 15th and could not make any updates to my account in order to approve my fingerprints during that time anyways. I feel like I am going crazy waiting for them to update my info only to keep getting new information or them telling me I need to wait 10 business days when this issue was not my fault in the first place. Is anyone else having this sort of trouble signing up for the NCLEX? I have a job at Parkland I am supposed to start on July 20th and I am getting concerned I am never going to get approved. Can someone tell me if they have had similar experiences?


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