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TRi-City ER

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I need a lil more info for Tr-CIty ER, The nurse, the doctors, the population that hosp Serves as well as the pay and benefits


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Care to elaborate?


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I have never worked there-- I worked at Scripps Encinitas (the local hospital in competition with Tri City). I did know several nurses from Tri-City, and I know an ED doc who has worked at Palomar, Tri City, and Scripps Encinitas.

All the nurses I know who work there love it. Per their report, Tri City underwent a major change in leadership a few years ago, and it really made a difference in workplace satisfaction.

The E.D. Doc I know describes the Tri City E.R. (in comparison to Scripps') as a "well-oiled machine." He seems very satisfied with his experience there.

I believe you will run into a lot of psych and a lot of homeless at Tri City... That has always been my perspective of the hospital... But I may be wrong, as I only worked at the competition, and you know how that goes. ;)