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Treating a Human Bite

Indy B Indy B (New) New Nurse

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What is the most effective treatment? I have been taught that a human bite wound should never be closed, but what is the recommended course of treatment for a severe open wound? And a deep animal bite that might require stitches, a tetanus, and a d/c home with abx...what if that damage was done by a human?

It depends in part on whether it involves the joint or not. If it does, ortho will irrigate the joint and order iv abx. If not, it will be cleaned and packed, daily packing changes, po abx.

nurse2033, MSN, RN

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Human bites may have a forensic angle. Photographing, describing, measuring, and documenting the bite is a forensic nursing skill. Saliva can be collected for DNA. There should always be a consideration to involve law enforcement.