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Treating Children with Asthma


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I think I would have died if my doctor would have thought this was the way to go for me. However, I have severe persistent asthma, which it doesn't sound like the kids they studied had that. I am still inhaled steroid dependent but still need the oral prednisone every once in a while. Why are they studying giving kids the fluticasone at the first sign of an infection? For me, when I was having a URI, that was much, much, much too late to give me inhaled steroids to deal with the wheezing. I had a doctor several years ago try to not give me steroids because he stopped my wheezing on an ER visit with nebulized albuterol. Yes, but I need the burst and taper of steroids to abort the swelling and tightness in my chest. Finally, 2 weeks after that, another gracious doctor fixed that dillweed's assertion that merely providing the albuterol would fix me. The dillweed only fixed the wheezing, not the inflammation in my lungs, even though I told him I needed the prednisone. I was lucky I didn't have another asthma attack.

BTW, I was tall and fat for my age when I was a kid. I'm now average height and thin.


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I once saw a documentary about people that lived near a bunch of polluting plants in Canada (across from Detroit). One in three children had asthma, while the plants denied any involvement. At the same time however, they paid to move a classroom further away from their pollution. Well that is an admission of guilt in my book. It is time that billion dollar companies quit being so greedy that they compromise the quality of life for humans just to save money or avoid lawsuits. Our government is here to protect us from big business, but is instead bought off by them, while we sit here facing the repercussions. When the facts are so obvious, why are we as a people so apathetic to let our corrupt government make millionaire senators that will never sign bills that conflict with their sources of hush money?

Diesel is also a big contributor to the asthma casualties. And yet we sit here and say it is of unknown etiology or a combination of factors. This may be so, but i say the majority of cases are caused by our own dirty manufacturers, and a government that turns a blind eye for a price every time.:down:

I will post the documentary when i find it.

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