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Traveling within State as agency nurse during COVID


Specializes in Geriatrics/Staffing Nurse. Has 6 years experience.

Hi everyone! I am looking for some insight..I work as a staff member at a LTC/SKILLED facility, and I also travel with a staffing agency. The agency I work for has no work locally so I travel at least an hour. I receive a flat rate that is pretty decent, because there are no perks or benefits, and agency nurse work (in my experience) is always tough, especially when staffing LTC facilities.
I am traveling this week 1.5 hours to a COVID + facility. I will have no increase in wage, no PPE supplied by my agency because they state that the facility has proper PPE. Is anyone else doing this? Are you receiving crisis rates from your employer? I’ve been with this agency for a year, I love the flexibility, but every facility at this time that they have available to staff is COVID +. I’ve seen a few other posts about crisis pay, and I’ve seen a lot of difference of opinion, just wondering what other staffing nurses are doing/what their agencies are doing for them!