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Traveling vehicle


Hi all! I was wondering what are the best cars to take on the road when traveling?

Perhaps one you like?

Perhaps one you like?

I was hoping to hear from people who travel, and what cars would be best for traveling. Thank you

When and where are you going to travel, and what do to want to take with you? I've not met two travelers with the same car, and I've used more than one myself quite successfully in twenty years of travel. And seriously, what kind of car do you like? Econobox, SUV, pickup, luxury? Domestic or foreign? Used or new? Frequent cross country trips anticipated, or sticking to a certain region? Snow or desert? If you can narrow it down, perhaps replies can be more specific.

Travelers drive the same cars as the general public other than those with special needs, like carrying a lot of stuff, pets, towing behind RV, four wheel drive preference, and well, the list is endless. Personally, I like to carry a bicycle inside my car and sleep in my car stretched out full length while driving to assignments (when stopped of course). I can do that in a PT Cruiser or a Honda Fit. Bigger cars as well, but I like small and fuel efficient as I often cross the country and tend towards green.

I want to travel more on the east coast. I wanted to buy a luxury car but I don't want to put too many miles on it. So I'm thinking something really reliable and good on gas. Like a Honda or Toyota. Its just me and I don't have a lot of things, 2-3 suite cases maybe. I would like a used car.


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I got a great deal on a 2011 VW Jetta. It's taken me from the Atlantic to the Pacific and through much of Canada. Decent gas mileage, plenty of cargo space, and a comfortable ride.

I'm looking to get something with a little more space, as I'm getting a dog in the fall and will travel with the pup. I'm now torn between a Subaru Outback and a Ford Escape.

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I prefer anything that's paid for.

An excellent point. No point in going into debt if you have a serviceable car as even one with poor mileage or reliability is less costly. I had no car when I started traveling in 1995 so I took my last $2,000 out of the bank and bought a 1979 Subaru station wagon (a very rare front drive only). Used it for 6 years of traveling and sold it (still having regrets) for $1,000 with over 200K miles to buy my new PT Cruiser for cash. Obviously used cars are better deals than new, but in 2001, used PTs cost more than new and most buyers paid over list for new!

About time for a new car 14 years later, but I'm also having some trouble figuring out what I want. Well... I know what I want, a Honda Fit Hybrid but it is not imported here.

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I've had a Honda Civic for 10 years now. I'm not a travel nurse, but I lived a couple of states away from my family and did a 1100+ mile roundtrip every month or so in it for a good year. I will always recommend Hondas now because mine has been such a tank and been so easy at the pump, too. I've been filling up for under $25 lately with gas prices so low, and you just can't beat the around 40 mpg highway.


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My lil' civic coupe got me across the country when I moved to NC for nursing school 5 years ago. It was PACKED, and it help up in the sun and snow really well. I never had any major problems with it. I cried the day I sold it. Now I have a 2014 Mazda CX-5: I can't believe what I can fit in that thing, not to mention the roof rack on top. I bought it specifically because it's roomy, comfy, and great for snow AND sun. I made sure I had all wheel drive for snow, and a sun roof for the beach. I don't travel anymore for work, but now it'll be great for ski vacations!

It's also great on gas. I researched cars for 6 months before I settled on this one. Couldn't have been happier with my decision.


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I drive a 1 ton dodge megacab. I can camp in the back of it and carry my bikes and snowboards with me. It gets about 18mpg and is paid off in a few months. I have 125k miles on it. I am still early on in traveling and prefer to just stay a couple nights in a hotel between shifts and go see the sights while camping in the summer at distant places. My next assignment is in Oregon, I will work 3 days in a row and be off 4. Plan to be camping at the base of Hood for a while during those breaks and snowboarding every day I am off. I will also be camping at some of the better bike areas and riding when I can.... I can do all of this with my truck and the set up I have.....

like ned said. Different strokes for different folks......

The travellers that I work with and know are based in AK.They do not drive their vehicle to their next assignment, they fly.One fellow that I know well flies in and then rents a Uhaul pickup truck...lol...Alaskans are so odd.


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I personally enjoy riding in comfort and style. Last year I bought a 2012 Mercedes Benz C-250, black with leather interiors, seat warmers, navigation, dvd player, etc. I recommend getting one off lease that is about 2 years old though, you can haggle for a much more reasonable deal. I always budget for what I can afford. If I can't pay for it all at once or within a year then I would stick to a more economical option. Car payments are terrible and interest rates on the loan is just robbery. If you must travel for work, you should do it in style.

Dang rich travelers!