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Traveling while you are pregnant?

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I am 13 weeks preggo!!, this is my first pregnancy and I love it!, I know already I am having a baby girl! My first trimester is being great, some nausea and food cravings, a little more tired than the norm, but so far so good.

I work as a traveler for 4 years, and I loved taking this assignments, planning the trips, getting to visit new places its being so much fun, but with I know with a baby its going to be challenging. oh, by the way, my home state is south Florida. My husband and I decided to buy a house when the market was low and the interest rate was great, the house is beautiful, everything I was looking for in a home, and the area is perfect for raising kids, great schools.

But I refused to go staff again, since the pay is considerable lower, they offer me 25$/hr in a local hospital, and I didnt take it. of course I was not pregnant back then, now I am working agency where they pay $40/hr w/no benefits of course. The only problem I have, and maybe its only me, but I hate Florida...no, let me correct that..

I hate being a nurse in florida! The ratio 8:1 in some hospitals, some with less ratio have no pca's in the floor. The Agency nurse is the fisrt to be canceled, so sometimes I am working hardly 2 days, this summer was the worst!.

I cant wait to take another travel assignment where I have hours that are guarantee, and decent pay, and not hate to go to work. Does anyone have taking a travel assignment while pregnant? i am due in May 22, I hope I can work until 7/8 months probably? and then rest for the last 3/4 weeks untill the baby comes.

Does anyone have taking a travel assignment while pregnant?

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If you cannot work there, the house was not a bargain! But since you are there, I would highly recommend sucking it up and taking the staff job - ideally one in a new specialty for professional growth and future marketability. I say that due to the unpredictability of pregnancy and immediately afterwards. You really need better health insurance than most agencies offer. PTO, sick days, holidays, and vacation should help make up for difference in pay. Just consider your situation midway through an assignment if you are unable to continue for any reason. Termination, no last paycheck, your agency asking for missed hour penalties and fighting your claim for unemployment benefits. What will you do?

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First off, congratulations!! I actually went through this last year. My husband and I started traveling and had it all planned out and I got pregnant less than 2 years into it. And we had been married for ten years so not sure what happened there. Must have been meant to be!! Anyway, it is definitely do-able. I agree with NedRN that you are taking a chance and if things go wrong, you're kind of up the creek w/o paddle. Also he's correct the insurance isn't the best. But not everything is about money so you just need to decide if you're willing to risk it and if you can afford it if things don't go as planned and your costs go up.

I worked till two weeks before my due date and then took 4 weeks afterwards. And now our son has become a part of our traveling life.

P.S. Florida ratios are horrible so hear you on that too!!! We are currently back in Cali and lovin the ratio limits. :-)

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