Traveling FNP

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Are there any traveling FNP's on here? My ultimate plan is to travel as a nurse and I'm currently applying to grad school. I was wondering what opportunities are out there for FNP's. I've done a lot of research on traveling RN's but I havent found much info on traveling FNP's. I would like to know if there are any good opportunities.


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Yes, I am a FNP who travels. I traveled as an RN and wanted to continue as an FNP. You're right it is very hard to find information for traveling nurse practitioners. Below is the link to my post regarding traveling as an NP. I had posted this previously on the NP forum for allnurses. There are many great opportunities with different companies. The pay is excellent, and of course they cover travel, rental car, housing, malpractice. Some assignments even take new grad NPs. I have been traveling for the past few years and love it. I am licensed in several states, and have worked in a variety of specialties and settings. Feel free to PM me for any questions. Also, for traveling assignments for NP google- Locum Tenen Nurse Practitioner. It's not under travel nursing for NP as it is for RN.