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Travel options for non-acute care RN


Hi everyone - I am looking to take a contract soon, but am curious what all options there are for non acute-care RNs, or that doesn't require extensive experience (more than 1 year). I would say my heaviest experience is in Psych, and it seems like there are lots of options. My nursing expertise is mainly in primary care, as most of my work over the past 5 years has been in clinics, at camps, psychiatric, and lots of geriatrics/LTC/hospice work randomly over the years. I haven't held a FT position in awhile though, which can make things tough. I will say overall my resume is solid, just atypical, and I'm a good nurse who adapts quickly.

It looks like psych and corrections may be my two good options, but just thought I'd ask if there's someone that knows something I don't. Would love input!

Sure. For starters you have to understand how travel works. The hospital pays an all inclusive bill rate per hour you work. Same bill rate for one year nurses as 10 year nurses with 5 years of travel. Guess which one gets the best paying assignments in attractive locations? Likewise, who gets the truly horrible assignments?