what's the deal with travel companies

  1. I'm trying to find out how the travel companies work. When a hospital has a contract with a travel company, do they pay a set amount for the company to locate nurses and the company sets the hourly rate for the nurse or vice versa. I'm curious as to know.
    I am currently looking for a good company to sign up with. Any suggestion is helpful.
    And Does anyone know a good company for international travel company?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    The agency negotiates a contract with the facility, then they set the rates that they want to pay. The nurse remains an employee of the agency, not the facility.

    Where do you wish to travel to? Most travel compnaies out of the US do not provide the same type of services as they do here. Or even an American cmpnay sending a nurse overseas. Read your contract carefully, if you can find one.