Tri City Medical Center, in Oceanside, CA

  1. Has anyone taken an assignment at Tri City Medical Center in Oceanside, CA. I'm thinking about taking a Medsurg assignment there for 10-13 weeks. I'll be finishing up at Providence St. Joes in Burbank, have 5 weeks left. Any thoughts on Tri City, or Oceanside in general?
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  3. by   wylie-coyote
    I live in Huntington Beach, CA, which is a little over an hour from Oceanside. I was offered an assignment over there and I read reviews of the hospital on Yelp which were not great at all. You do have to consider the source. If I was considering travel in California, I would definitely choose Oceanside. You have a nice little chill surfing community around you, San Diego to the south, Orange County and Los Angeles an hour or two to the north. Oceanside and San Clemente are sort of their own little worlds in comparison.