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    Can any one tell me about Travel nursing? I heard it's a highly paid job and I am very much interested in it. I am a CCU nurse and also want to know the pay and work atmosphere..
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    Thread moved to Travel Nursing forum for a better response.
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    Welcome tulip to the wonderful world of Travel Nursing. Take your time and browse through the many discussions on the Forum that may answer your question and those not asked yet.

    I will check in later (gotta jump in the shower) and see if you have any more questions.
  5. by   debizrn
    HI I have been traveling for the last 7 years and enjoyed every moment. You get to make friends, learn new ways of doing things, see different sites. Yes the pay is good as are the benefits.... feel free to send a private message and I would love to chat with you more :spin:
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    Thanks Debi