To travel or not to travel?

  1. Any thoughts on feeling alone while on assignment? Never felt like this in an assignment before. It may be me, but so much of their way of doing things is so facility specific- I have to ask questions at times. The few are very brash and act like I should not be asking them things. Not all the staff are like this, many are very friendly. It just makes it difficult the way things are set up here at times. Any other travelers run into similar situations on an assignment where you feel alone and like you just don't belong? I hate feeling this way! For the most part I love traveling and really can't see going back to a staff position. Can anyone give suggestions on how to comfortably get through this assignment? It may be a phase I'm going through- who knows! Thank you in advance for suggestions
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  3. by   Argo
    Get through it by knowing that you get to leave in a few weeks and look forward to the next place.
  4. by   RN/WI
    Thanks, yes the count down is on. 8 more weeks to go!