Tele at Heartland in St. Joseph, MO??

  1. Can anyone tell me the good/bad/ugly regarding Heartland Hospital in St. Joseph, MO--particularly the tele unit? Thanks!
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  3. by   Headhurt
    My SIL had her baby there. Not a bad little place. My stepdad had his pacemaker done there a few years back. The doctor was great, the nurses were hags. I never mentioned I was a nurse, so I just kept my head low and observed. I was amazed at how rude they were to visitors and patients.

    I've not heard much about Heartland, but they are community-based. Sorry this doesn't help much.
  4. by   rnurse49
    Hey! I am currently at Heartland and I love it! I started Memorial weekend and I am still here! The hospital still has a new feel to it and they are just starting the Cerner computerized charting system. They have had Hannah and it is antiquated!! It is a stressful time for them, but not too bad. The usual grumbly employees, but I have had a very positive work experience here!